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portrait of arvid johnsonDr. 阿维德C. 约翰逊 was installed as the ninth president of the St大学. 弗朗西斯 in June 2013. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in physics (Lewis University, Romeoville, 生病了.) and a master’s degree in electrical engineering (Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.), 阿维德 holds an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, N.C.),以及博士学位.D. in management science from the Stuart School of Business at the 生病了inois Institute of Technology (Chicago, 生病了.).

Prior to joining the St大学. 弗朗西斯, 阿维德 served Dominican University as the Dean of the Brennan School of Business since 2008, and as a Professor of Management since 2001. He presently serves on several boards including the Will County Center for Economic Development (WC-CED), the National Association of Intercollegiate 体育运动 (NAIA, Council of 总统s), the Association of Catholic 大学 and Universities (ACCU), the Council of Independent 大学 (CIC), the American Red Cross of the 生病了inois River Valley (ARC-IRV), and the Saint Joseph Medical Center Community 领导 Board (SJMC-CLB).

Prior to entering academia on a full-time basis in 2001, 阿维德 was a principal in a management consulting firm and worked with companies ranging in size from startups to multi-million-dollar business units of Fortune 500 companies to describe, 占, 解释, and exploit the variability present in their 制造业 and service processes. 阿维德 also has over 15 years of engineering, 制造业, and senior management experience in a variety of business environments including Northrop Grumman Corporation, Microwave Laboratories and Varian Associates. He founded and served as the chair of 信息 Resources, Inc.’s Analytics Advisory Board from 2003-2008, and led that company’s efforts to establish a global Research & Development function.

阿维德 has published and presented extensively in the areas of quantitative analysis, microwave materials processing, advanced 制造业 practices, and strategic management. 他持有14u。.S. (and dozens of foreign) patents. His extensive list of publications includes 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, more than 20 book chapters and custom textbooks, and more than 42 peer-reviewed conference proceedings. He is the recipient of numerous honors, grants and awards.

阿维德 and his wife reside in the Joliet area.

"Service is a fundamental, integrating value of our 弗朗西斯can heritage because it is 通过服务 that we come to know Christ in each other – by recognizing the divine both in ourselves and in others and by putting others’ needs before our own."

A Message from 阿维德:

A president’s homepage is an interesting – some might even say funny – place to end up when visiting a university’s website.

  • 也许你是 prospective student, wondering if the president is young, good-looking and cool. (No, no and only occasionally!)
  • Maybe you’re one of our almost 3,200 existing students, wondering what 阿维德 is up to of late.
  • Maybe you’re one of our 54,000 校友, wondering who’s running the place now that you’re gone. (欢迎回来!)

However you ended up here, WELCOME!

USF is a “welcoming community of learners challenged by 弗朗西斯can values and charism” that “prepares students to contribute to the world 通过服务 and leadership.” It says so in our mission statement – so it must be true! 是的,确实如此.

As I said in my inaugural address, the “USF Family” – our students, 校友, 教师, 工作人员, and friends – are called to serve and, 通过服务, 被召唤去领导. Service is a fundamental, integrating value of our 弗朗西斯can heritage because it is 通过服务 that we come to know Christ in each other – by recognizing the divine both in ourselves and in others and by putting others’ needs before our own. This is a service based in joy, not obligation.

Through service, the USF family is 被召唤去领导 and love in the real world.

  • Our students are not only talented but also compassionate and committed to improving the lives of others 通过服务 and leadership.
  • Our 教师 members are world-class teachers who make educating our students their No. 优先级1.
  • Our 工作人员 members work tirelessly to care for our students and to ensure their success.
  • Our 校友 are not only the best at what they do – true leaders in their fields – but also recognize USF’s contribution to what they have accomplished.
  • 和, our local community members – whether elected officials, 企业, faith communities, other organizations, or neighbors – are true partners in every sense of that word.

The USF family is clearly 被召唤去领导 通过服务 – and is having a positive impact upon those it serves.

No matter how you ended up on this page, I invite you to learn more about this special place—the St大学. 弗朗西斯—and the incredible people who call it home. Explore the rest of the website, schedule a visit or drop me a note at You’ll be glad you did!



阿维德约翰逊 Signature

Additional 领导:

The St大学. 弗朗西斯 was founded by and is sponsored by the 圣修女会. 圣弗朗西斯. 玛丽的— also known as the “Joliet 弗朗西斯cans.”

To discover more about their history and the work they do in our community, click here.

The St大学. 弗朗西斯 校董会 oversees and guides USF in fulfillment of its educational mission.

Click here to learn more about the USF 校董会.

The president relies on the university’s Officers of Administration to keep the university running smoothly. This includes the provost and numerous vice presidents, who oversee the various administrative and academic divisions at the St大学. 弗朗西斯.

Officers of Administration:

  • Julee加尔省 | Vice 总统 for Administration and 金融
  • Sr. Mary Elizabeth Imler, OSF | Vice 总统 of 任务 Integration and University Ministry
  • 贝丝·罗斯博士.D. | 教务长 and Vice 总统 of Academic Affairs
  • 埃里克·鲁伊斯 | Vice 总统 of 招生 & Enrollment Services
  • 丽莎Sampalis | Vice 总统 for University Advancement

This group includes the Officers of Administration, the deans of the university’s four academic colleges, and directors of student life and institutional diversity.

阿维德C. 约翰逊,Ph值.D.
B.S. – Lewis University
M.S. – Northeastern University
MBA – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Ph.D. – 生病了inois Institute of Technology

Shannon Brown, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Business & Health Administration
B.A. and MBA – Dominican University
Ph.D. – Benedictine University

特伦斯L. 科特雷尔,艾德.D.
Vice 总统 of 信息 Technology & 规划
BA – St大学. 弗朗西斯
M.S. – University of 生病了inois
MBA – St大学. 弗朗西斯
Ed.D. – Northern 生病了inois University

Dean, College of Education
B.A. – Northeastern 生病了inois University
M.S.Ed. 和艾德.D. – Northern 生病了inois University

Vice 总统 of Administration & 金融
B.A. and MBA – St大学. 托马斯。

Director of Institutional Diversity
BA – Memphis State University
MAT和Ed.S. – The University of Memphis
Ed.D. – St大学. 弗朗西斯

Sr. Mary Elizabeth Imler, OSF
Vice 总统 of 任务 Integration & University Ministry
B.S. – Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame
M.S. – Purdue University at Fort Wayne
M.A. – Saint Bonaventure University

Elizabeth McDermott, Ph.D.
Dean, 文学院 & 科学
B.A. ——霍普学院
MFA – Purdue University
Ph.D.  – University of 生病了inois at Chicago

Mollie Rockafellow, Ed.D.
Dean of 学生生活
B.S. – University of Wisconsin Platteville
M.S. – Western 生病了inois University
MBA和Ed.D. – St大学. 弗朗西斯

教务长 & Vice 总统 of Academic Affairs
B.A. ——瓦萨学院
M.A. 和Ph值.D. – University of Chicago

Vice 总统 for University Advancement
B.A. – Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Vice 总统 of 招生 & Enrollment Services
BBA – St大学. 弗朗西斯
MBA – St大学. 弗朗西斯

Yeijin Yeom博士.D.
Dean, Leach College of Nursing
B.S., M.S. 和Ph值.D. – Indiana State University


Chair of Academic Assembly:

Associate Professor, College of Business & Health Administration
B.S. – Northern Kentucky University
M.A. – University of Phoenix
Ph.D. – Northcentral University

Chair of Administrators & 员工委员会:
史蒂文年代. Wettergren

Director of Accreditation
B.S. – University of 生病了inois
M.S. – DePaul University

University Council is comprised of all members of the 执行委员会 plus all managing directors at the university.