The USF 企业孵化器 is located in downtown Joliet, at USF’s St. 博纳旺蒂尔校园. Applications are now being accepted from startup businesses and entrepreneurs and are typically reviewed once every spring and fall semester.


  • Co-working environment between startups, community members, and entrepreneurial students
  • Events/lecture series promoting educational offerings for startups
  • A professional office location in downtown Joliet (located at 16 W. Van Buren Street, across from the Rialto Theater) for startups to begin/continue business activities



Startups will receive the following services (services may be subject to change):

  • Desk space at University facilities in downtown Joliet
  • 与导师的联系
  • Access to university resources, faculty, students, interns and more
  • Access to free high-speed wireless internet in the incubator
  • Access to wireless printer/copier (printing/copy rates may apply).
  • Startups retain ownership of their personal property and intellectual rights


  1. 提交的应用程序
  2. Upon acceptance into the incubator, sign an access agreement
  3. Provide a criminal background check and insurance
  4. Pay a small monthly usage fee (please contact us for details). The first year in the incubator is free, and all services are free to USF students.


圣. 弗朗西斯 Incubator supports the economic development of the region by fostering new business development; a secondary aim of the incubator provides students from St. 弗朗西斯 and neighboring junior colleges entrepreneurial education in a lab setting.


“The 企业孵化器 has provided a solid foundation for the successful launch of my consulting business. I’ve especially benefited from direct and regular access to a wise mentor on the USF business faculty, a spacious office with whiteboards and printing, and a new network of fellow business owners—all for free.”

霍利斯特, HData的创始人, is a USF graduate who previously worked as a securities litigator, 曾担任美国法律顾问.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. 众议院, and founded the Washington-based Data Coalition, the nation’s largest trade association for data companies. HData’s Board of Advisors features 21 world leaders in applying new technologies to regulatory reporting. 在第一年, HData签署了9个客户, 确认超过240美元,收入达1000万美元, and prepared to raise an initial capital investment round.

“The USF 企业孵化器 enabled HData’s growth by providing a supportive environment, 办公室基础设施, 以及世界一流的商业咨询.”
Hudson 霍利斯特, HData
前会员| USF校友
“The Incubator has helped me to become more effective with fewer distractions. Having an office in the community has helped me show that I’m engaged with the community; I’ve already had meetings here with clients and prospects. 这是一个很棒的空间, 美丽的景色, 有我需要使用的所有办公用品吗, and the interns are professional and helpful. Time management is important and making sure I have a plan. I’m going to continue to connect with the community and learn how I can add value.” JBJ has been providing organization development services for the past 10 years for organizations to include large and small contracting companies. Examples of past clients include the Department of 退伍军人 Affairs, 教育部, 海军战争大学, McKesson, 宝马, 戴姆勒, Bancroft建筑工程公司, 工业围栏公司, and Mazor Robotics Inc across the nation as a prime and a subcontractor. 作为乔利埃特社区的一员, JBJ wants to help agencies hire smarter so they can minimize turnover using hiring best practices. JBJ总裁兼首席执行官. 杰里·贝尔(小杰里·贝尔 .)毕业于美国商业大学.S. 军事学院, West Point and has a MBA and PhD in Organization Development from Benedictine University.
Dr. 小杰里·贝尔., JBJ-Business Group Inc.
"The Incubator office at the St大学. 弗朗西斯帮我们拿到了合同. The physical office location helped us get an edge and professional feel. We met in a furnished office space with utilities for a low cost in a safe location, with extended morning and evening hours that made it easy to conduct our business which often operates outside of the regular 9 to 5.

我能够完成学业, 获得学士学位, and grow my business without having to commute very far.

All of these options combined helped us to grow exponentially; we eventually needed to move since we outgrew the co-working space at the Incubator.”
前会员| USF校友
“The 企业孵化器 at the St大学. 弗朗西斯 has provided me with a starting point to grow my business. 我现在有办公室了, 实习机会,, access to student interns for help with projects, and access to valuable business services that I need to get my business off the ground!”
Matthew Thornton, Thornton Business Solutions Inc.
“It was nice to be there [the incubator] and use the facilities for my company. All the available resources were very helpful and guided me through the first years of my company.”
Yuri Gallegos,类星体设计公司


欲了解更多信息,请联系Dr. 邦妮J. Covelli在 815-740-5071 or