International Student Admission Requirements

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Have you completed your application? 如果没有,你可以 应用在这里. Once we receive your application, we will need a few general admissions documents to get started. When ready, you can send your documents directly to

Please submit the following…
• Copy of International 成绩单 (High School or 本科)
• Copy of 学位 Certificate
• Course by Course NACES Evaluation (details below) – Can be waived. 大家一起说.
• English Language Proficiency Report – See acceptable English language proficiency proof here.

To obtain a course by course NACES evaluation, you must begin by selecting a NACES agency that best meets your needs. You can select any member listed. You will then need to reach out to the selected member and request a course by course evaluation. This is a direct relationship between you, the student and the selected agency.

The agency will require and request specific documents to begin evaluating your credentials. Once the evaluation is complete, an official copy will need to be sent directly to the university from the agency. We can accept an unofficial copy for admissions purposes. However, if admitted an official copy will need to be eventually submitted. If you or the agency will be emailing a copy of the evaluation, you can send it to this address:

Some 研究生课程 require additional documents. You will be notified if additional documents are needed.

Feel free to contact the International 招生 Office with any questions:

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If you use a messaging app, which one do you use most often?
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Let us know if you have specific questions or if there is any program information we can provide for you.